About Us

Hariom Enterprises, an offshoot of the group founded by Shri Ram Kumar Gupta is a reputed Kanpur based private sector business group. The company first started as a fertilizer trading company with 40 years of existence, later it has diversified the business. The group has business interests that range from paper manufacturing (Hariom industries ltd.) to manufacture of PP/BOPP laminated bags (Hariom Enterprises). At present Hariom Enterprises is enrolled in the panel of vendors of Bag suppliers to many government and private sector companies and supplying more than 60 lakh of pp/bopp bags per month. Hariom group has always been recognized and known for its excellence in all the business activities which they are into which in turn has let them build goodwill along with great amount of market share. Just following the same path Hariom Enterprises has just focused on its growth only by catering and serving its client in best possible ways.

Company Profile

We have great pleasure to introduce Hariom Enterprises, a company promoted by the renowned Hariom group from Kanpur. Hariom Enterprises has the capacity in India to produce Bopp (Bi-axially oriented Polypropylene) & PP (Polypropylene) products. It has the most modern Plant & Equipments under one roof to convert PP granules to tapes, fabric, printing, extrusion lamination & bag making.

Hariom Enterprises started Bopp (Bi-axially oriented Polypropylene) & PP (Polypropylene) Laminated woven bags & multi-layer packaging with nearly 4 years of experience in the production of industrial packaging products. Due to continuous support and strength derived from its own R&D and the international quality setup & maintained by its team of engineers & professionals, today, Hariom Enterprises is exporting to more than three countries in the world and has been excepted and approved by their customers in India and Abroad as well . Hariom Enterprises is continuously expanding its horizons in the global market with its attractive design, good print ability, long life & strength, easy handling and the detailed artwork which will stand out on retail shelves.

We are catering to different sectors like; Agriculture produce - rice, wheat, Seeds, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Gram flour, Vegetables, Salt, Spices, Frozen food, cattle feed, Pet foods as well as to other sectors like; Fertilizer, chemicals, cement & paper laminated bags. We also have the experience & expertise to produce any type of PP/HDPE bags to multi-layer flexible packaging to customer specifications. We can confidently offer packaging solutions to prospective & other customers for packaging of their products right from 5 kg to 50 Kg.