Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is a responsibility and accountability of a business entity to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits out to the society. A business entity grows with a collaborated effort of the society so it’s a responsibility of a business entity to give it back to them. Hariom enterprises has always considered CSR as crucial part of its business process and always invested its resources to fulfill it.

‘DIVYANG’ is a organization which is funded by Hariom Enterprises which has initiative of aiding the specially abled human beings for their welfare. The motive of this organization is to take care of the education of especially abled children and fulfilling their needs so as to make them literate for their upliftment. Their every need right from the education, living and medical expenses is beared by this organization. Hariom’s motive behind this initiative is to increase the quality of life of physically challenged people who are helpless but deserve to live a normal life.

Everyone on this planet is responsible for preserving & saving the environment. Every little effort counts so one should always put their efforts to save environment out of love. The another initiative of Hariom Enterprises is to plant 100 trees every month and has a mission of planting 2000 trees every year by 2023 which will not just add beauty to the environment but also to make earth breathe.

Likewise the oxygen, water is the second most crucial thing for existence and every human being on this planet deserves to have it. Hariom has this initiative of making water available to the workers which aren’t the part of hariom. Water cooler taps have been installed outside our manufacturing unit for workers so that they can have water peacefully when needed.